Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Volunteering at a Legal Hand site is a great way to give back to your community, learn about law and legal services work, and make a real difference in the lives of people affected by civil legal problems.

Legal Hand recruits new volunteers every six months. Volunteers commit to at least one three hour shift per week for the following six month period. 

Training, which begins with a two-day workshop on the basics of legal information assistance, focuses on areas where emergencies commonly arise, such as housing, physical safety, immigration, family matters, and benefits. Volunteers also learn about cultural competency, interviewing skills, the limits on the advice non-lawyer volunteers are legally permitted to provide, and the availability of referrals to other services, including full legal representation.

Legal Hand volunteers come from all backgrounds and walks of life— from college students to retirees who have lived in the neighborhoods Legal Hand serves for decades. No experience in legal work or representation is necessary.

Legal Hand is currently recruiting new volunteers. To find out more, please attend one of the following information centers at the Legal Hand center you are interested in volunteering with.

Crown Heights

September 12, 6pm-7pm

September 13, 1pm-2pm


September 11th, 1pm-2pm

September 12, 11pm-12pm


September 10, 6pm-7pm

Sepember 13, 6pm-7pm

Highbridge and Tremont 

September 12, 3pm-4pm

September 13, 6pm-7pm