Help With Issues That Affect Your Life

At Legal Hand, our trained community volunteers provide free legal information, assistance and referrals to help you resolve issues that affect your life, in areas like housing, family, immigration, divorce, domestic violence, and benefits, and prevent problems from turning into legal actions.

What Can we Help you With?

This list describes some of the problems legal Hand volunteers can help you solve. If you are facing a problem that is not listed here, but is related to housing, family, immigration, domestic violence, or beneļ¬ts, stop by Legal Hand to see how we can help.

Public BEnefits 

  • Find out if you are eligible for any benefits and fill out applications 
  • Resolve an issue with you your current benefits 
  • Appeal a denial of benefits


  • Resolve a dispute over custody or child support 
  • Learn about your options for filing for divorce 

Consumer Debt

  • Stop harassment from debt collectors
  • Find out how to repair your credit or deal with identity theft 


  • Apply for unemployment benefits 
  • Get help creating a resume 
  • Mediate a dispute with your employer 


  • Deal with a heat, hot water, or repair issue in your apartment,
  • Resolve a problem over rent with your landlord or NYCHA 
  • Apply for affordable housing 


  • Get help caring for a sick family member 
  • Fix a problem with your health insurance or find new insurance 
  • Apply for guardianship of a family member 

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